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A New Standard in Elderly Care

Empathy is an end to end solutions platform that helps seniors receiving services from care providers to improve their quality of life and provide to accountability during delivery of care. We help Home Care Service providers, caregivers and individuals providing care to manage, analyze, streamline and improve the care that they provide in order to achieve client satisfaction at scale.
The structures and processes we provide in place help caregivers to understand what seniors go through during the delivery of care. This ability to understand and act accordingly so as to improve the quality of life of seniors is what we call the “Empathy Algorithm” .
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Your complete toolkit for elderly care

  • Quality of Care
    Empathy has created a new standard in the elderly care industry that seeks to improve the quality of life for seniors receiving care.
  • Accountability
    The elderly are at a constant risk of being emotionally, financially and physically abused. Detection, most of the time is very hard to come by until it’s too late. Empathy aims to provide checks and balances to change that at scale.
  • Machine Learning
    Our first of a kind machine learning algorithms in elderly care allows care providers and family members to discover patterns that would help them detect lapses, in care in order to improve the overall quality of care that the seniors receive.

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Get to know your clients needs better in order to provide the best care.

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Let your agency stand out as a science based Senior Home Care Provider. Provide your clients with peace of mind knowing that the caregivers you send to them are properly trained, but most importantly, have the ability to provide care with the love and empathy they deserve.
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What is Empathy ?

Empathy is a four step research based approach to improving quality of life in elderly care.


Identifying the client’s needs and preferences

Empathy allows elderly care providers to assign a caregiving team to a specific client via our matching system as opposed to a first come first serve scheduling system. Building a team around the client’s care yields familiarity between the caregiver and client. Empathy logs all the client’s needs and individual preferences before the shift commences.
By identifying the client's individual needs and preferences, care providers and their caregivers are able to deliver a concierge, top level of service on a daily basis regardless of which caregiver is on staff.

Knowledge Transfer

Once the home care providers establish the client's individual needs and preferences, our platform ensures seamless knowledge transfer of that information within the caregiving team providing care for the client. Home care providers and families do not have to spend hours on the phone or in on one meetings to list down the client's needs because all that information is now available on demand.
Empathy ensures that all agency caregivers on staff make data driven decisions based on the real time knowledge transfer that they receive about their clients.

Intervention Care

With the knowledge of the clients condition and needs passed on to the home care providers, the Empathy platform will shift to intervention care. Agencies and caregivers can now keep a close eye on client's overall health data as well as any unpredictable behavioral changes related to elderly care.
Using a science based proactive approach to care, our Empathy platform can help identify issues and offer data on practical solutions that can positively impact the client's quality of life.

Accountability and Machine Learning in Elderly Care

Empathy uses machine learning algorithms to detect lapses in care in order to create accountability and provide recommendations that help improve the quality of care home care agencies and caregivers provide.
When elderly loved ones receiving care are faced with challenges such as the inability to communicate their needs, memory loss or even the risk of being abused, empathy establishes processes and structures in place that seek to provide care accountability and peace of mind for the family. Incident reports on tears, falls, bruises and even spending habits are logged on and reviewed in our platform.

Smart Caregiver Training

Empathy has partnerships with training programs that help home care providers with retraining courses for their caregivers to ensure that the care they provide meets the benchmark standards provided by the state .

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