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Quick, easy and flexible scheduling from the palm of your hand

Scheduling is one of the most tedious administrative tasks for agencies to perform that requires hours of filling and sending out open shifts. Luckily, Empathy’s robust scheduling management system helps you perform these tasks at a fraction of the time and cost that can be executed directly on your Agency/Home Care mobile App. Whether you are on the go or at the office we ensure that scheduling process is pleasant, easy and quick.

Schedule Management

Create schedules directly from your agency mobile app and send them out to caregivers and family members with one touch. Agencies can now easily track caregiver EVV clock ins and seamlessly share client’s individual needs and clinical records with caregivers in a secure compliant manner so as to keep everyone updated in real time. Billing, invoicing and payroll are easily and securely deployed with ACH direct bank deposit saving you time and money.

Smart Notice Board Alerts

Empathy has created an intuitive notice board alert system that shares all pertinent information about the client’s care with the caregivers on staff assigned to that case. Information such as client needs, preferences, medication or allergies are instantly shared ensuring that your staff stays informed in real time. Simply put, your entire staff is always on the know.

EVV clock in, clock outs

Empathy gives agencies and providers the options to verify their caregiver’s clock in/clock out location in order to ensure that your caregivers are on location. In addition, agency managers can view clock in/clock out status in real time to determine who was on time and who was late. EVV will become a mandatory law are requirements in 2020 for home care providers who receive medicare/medicaid claims so it is highly recommended to adapt to the new EVV standards.

Homecare agency solutions

All your agency needs in one application


Our Billing/invoicing system is designed to remove the hassle of collecting paper timesheets

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Quick, easy, and flexible scheduling from the palm of your hand.

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Empathy is designed to help agencies and home care providers improve their client’s quality of life

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Ensure compliance with the Century CURES Act requirements with Empathy’s EVV solution.

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For agencies, it means that not a single moment is spent generating timesheets

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Home care agency

Grow Your Business While Eliminating Administrative Costs

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Simplify the Complicated Clinical Documentation Process With Empathy.

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A Fully Integrated Individual Service Programs (ISP’s)

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Streamline and deliver elder care services that are geared to improve their clients quality of life.

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Homecare agency solutions

All your agency needs in one application

3 apps

What you get as an Agency: Empathy provides agencies with three distinctive senior care apps that allows the seamless integration of client information and needs and tasks in your business between you, your caregivers and all family members

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