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Empowering Families With Care

Empathy: Next Generation Digital Home Health Technology

Keziah Njuguna Empathy Founder and CEO

Keziah Njuguna

Empathy Founder and CEO

About Us

Empathy is a digital health technology company that helps home health agencies and/or providers to streamline and improve all their administrative and care delivery tasks via a simple mobile application. Empathy empowers home health providers that provide elder care or developmental disability services to deliver individual concierge care plans for all your clients, thus catering to their every need and personal preferences.

Our story

Empathy was born from the simple idea that our loved ones deserve care that improves their quality of life and empathy is a virtue that can be learned.

About our founder

Our founder set out to solve one of the most basic yet the most critical of issues when running a home care agency - What is good care? How can it be defined? How can it be quantified and delivered? To truly understand care, one must provide it.

After a decade in the home care industry working with agencies, caregivers and clients, Empathy Algorithm was born.Using her hands-on experience in the care delivery process, our founder was able to understand the daily challenges of running a home care agency while making sure that clients are receiving the best quality of care and their family members are involved in the care process.

Rather than an administrative approach to quickly fix issues as provided by other home care applications in the market, Empathy provides an inside holistic approach for agencies who seek to organically and sustainably grow their business while ensuring that quality of care is never compromised.