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Simplify the complicated clinical documentation process with Empathy

Home health providers are required to provide documentation that serve as a signed record of services provided and some states require those records to remain on file for several years. Which means agencies and providers have to assign hours of administrative work to generate, organize and file away hundreds or thousands of sign offs and documents each week. Empathy has dedicated an entire solution that automates the documentation process reducing hours of administrative work into minutes. The Empathy platform also allows agencies that provide both elder care and developmental services documentation in one platform. It’s easy, quick accessible in real time via the cloud.

Developmental Services Documentation for ISP programs

Empathy takes the hustle out of ISP documentation and ensures agencies/providers remain in compliance throughout the ISP program.

Documentation features:
  • Incoming medication log documentation and signature sign off
  • Medication data recording sheet
  • Detailed incident report documentation
  • Data recording sheet documentation and charting and signature sign off
  • ISP program objective data recording sheet and signature sign off
  • Financial accountability/Receipt documentation
  • EVV documentation logs
  • Incident reports
  • Detailed ADL reports

Elder Care Documentation

Home care providers that provide elder care are required to deliver detailed ADL documentation that verify the services are being provided as required and by the right caregiver on staff. With more insurance payers requiring monthly ADL records for each client, agencies have to make sure each caregiver manually login details of the care provided during the shift. This creates a fractured inconsistent method of documentation within the agency.

To that end, Empathy has created a best in class standardized way of logging monthly elder care documentation that can be uploaded and stored to the cloud in minutes via the caregiver app. A time consuming task that takes hours done in minutes.

  • Client special needs
  • Medication regiment
  • Client vitals documentation
  • Detailed ADL documentation
  • Incident reports
  • EVV documentation logs

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Simplify the Complicated Clinical Documentation Process With Empathy.

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Homecare agency solutions

All your agency needs in one application

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