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On 02 Apr 2020

Caregivers - the unsung heroes during this Covid-19 Pandemic!

Who comes to mind when you think of frontline workers during this Covid-19 pandemic? I did a small survey and found out that none of the answers I was getting included caregivers. Doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, waste management employees.... the list went on and on.

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On 15 Mar 2020

9 Top essentials for seniors during this Corona virus pandemic!

All of us are especially concerned about the Corona virus pandemic. As a caregiver, I’m especially concerned since our elderly population has been identified as the most vulnerable, because I fully understand their limitations in their day to day lives. If you have elderly parents, neighbors or are helping out in the community, please check on these things to make their lives a bit easier in the coming days.

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On 06 Mar 2020

Caregiver etiquette-6 things that make you stand out!

Hi caregiver! I can picture you in my head. Yes, you. Beautiful soul, beautiful spirit. Why the accolades, you may ask? Because caregiving is a calling. Caregiving is not an easy job. It takes grit, it takes determination, it takes a love for others - but most of all, it takes selflessness. You, yes you, are a special kind of person. I know that many people are taking care of their loved ones. Many women have given up their careers to be the caregivers to their parents, as the baby boomers advance in age. I promise to write more on that, but this article is geared towards the caregiving professionals who work for institutions, as independent contractors or for agencies.

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On 26 Feb 2020

Empathy in a caregiver!

Empathy. The word that has been my Mantra since I became a caregiver ten years ago. I wanted it to be the first word on our first blog - “our blog” because this is as much about me as it is you who’s reading this, at this moment. It’ll be a blog about my experiences and yours, and hopefully we’ll develop a relationship over time that makes the caregiving experience a comfort and provides peace of mind not just to those receiving care, but their family members and those providing care as well. 

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